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Waist up portrait of modern man wearing VR headset during virtual tour in art gallery or museum

How can virtual exhibitions reshape museums in China?

The museums in China are facing the most critical challenges ever. In the past few years, the Chinese government has invested in the museum industry, building up more than 5000 museums which is a 1400 percent increase compared to the … Read More

10 Questions related to Agisoft 1.7 updates [Using Spherical Panoramas /equirectangular images as an input for 3D reconstruction]

1. Does Agisoft support panorama images as an input to produce 3D point clouds? Yes, of course! Agisoft Metashape/PhotoScan is the only professional 3D processing software that supports panorama as an input source. Surprising or not, Agisoft’s software application was initially developed … Read More

hdri comparison stone

Everything you need to know about an HDR panorama image

What is HDRi?   HDRi stands for High Dynamic Range imaging; it is a technique used to reproduce a greater range of luminosity than standard digital images. In other words, when we said the Civetta is an HDRi camera, it means the photos … Read More