The Civetta is a fully automated 360° capturing device, creating 230-megapixel full spherical 32bit high dynamic range (HDR) images.
Don´t worry about your equipment, focus on your mission.
If you are in 360° photogrammetry there is no better technology you can buy.

Incredible Detail

With a resolution of 230 Megapixel and an exceptional HDR range, the Civetta captures all of the essential details.


It takes only 40 seconds to record the full 360° spherical image. Choose your location, shoot, done.


The Civetta is fully automated. Always create the best possible images, without the need for manual adjustements. With only one button.


When it comes to durability, workload reliability and stability in really harsh environments you won´t find anything better.

Working with light

High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR) combined with the superior, low light capability makes the Civetta the perfect tool to capture scenes with heavily varying light scenery. Always with the same excellent results. If there is no external light source available, the in-built high-power LED flash is capable of illuminating the darkest coal mine.

3D Photogrammetry

3D photogrammetry is the perfect alternative for laserscanner. Offering various advantages like speed, image quality, ease of operation and safety just to mention a few.
That makes the combination of Civetta and VAM2 the perfect match.


360° Photogrammetry

The Civetta technology features integrated measurement technology that provides absolute distance, length, angle or (x,y,z) coordinates. With an excellent accuracy of +- 2mm in 10m distance. With VAM2 or our included offline spherical viewer software, precise measurements can be performed whenever you need them.

Everything you need

- Civetta camera with - integrated LED flash - Lens protectors - Water tight trolley carrying case with foam inlay - Calibrated tripod - Remote control - Battery charger - Lens cleaner - Multi Country adapter - Backup HDD 2 TB - Software (can be installed on several machines):


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