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10 pieces of advice for social media marketing in 3D Tech Industries

Advice No.1 Showcase examples and case studies 3D models and illustrations are always attractive to people, no matter whether they work in the industry or not. Almost everyone acknowledges the importance of showcasing their successful examples to their audiences. For … Read More

top 10 industries that use photogrammetry

Top 10 industries that are embracing 3D Photogrammetry technology in 2020-2021

2020 is a special year since the coronavirus outbreak became a serious global challenge for all industries worldwide. Technology opens a window for many companies and organizations to establish new boundaries with their audiences and associated partners. While everyone is … Read More

Connecting to the past, present and future in a digital environment – 3D&VR enable cultural heritage to tell its story

A Case Study “First and foremost it’s important to recognize that so much heritage is natural, and so much of nature is heritage,” ~ Dr. Meredith Wiggins said by Dr. Meredith Wiggins of Historic England. Due to climate changes and … Read More