Megascops | Fully automated 3D capturing station


A spherical system for automatic 3D model reconstruction of museum artifacts.

Creating a high-precision texture-mapped 3D objects.

No material or surface texture restrictions.

Point clouds

Various file formats for 3D Point Cloud

Meshed models

Various file formats for meshed model

Megascops | Simple & Effective


Fast capture

Objects are captured in sub millimetre resolution from all sides in less than 60 seconds.


Fully calibrated one button operation. No Computer required.

Megascops | Object weight & dimensions

megascops dimensions size

Maximum weight of object to scan


Max. dimension of object to scan


Megascops | Where it shines

Cultural Heritage


megascops yellow shoe

Visual Effects

vr visual effects

Megascops | Technical specifications

Weight of Megascops680kg
Dimension of Megascops2200x2300x2500mm (w x l x h)
max. dimension of object800x800x800mm
max. weight of object80kg
Power supply220 V 16A
IlluminationPatented 6000 LED diffuse flash
Time to capture object90 seconds
Internal storageSuitable for capturing 8 models
Coverage192 viewing positions from all sides
ResolutionUp to 100 micron
File formatsSupport for all major file formats for full color 3D models

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