civetta on location

Civetta & Agisoft Metashape Application Note

Case study of using full spherical 360° images in Agisoft Metashape Author: Christiane Zhao, Marketing Specialist Organisations involved: Agisoft, Weiss AGHardware used: Civetta 360° (Weiss AG), Phantom 3 Professional (DJI)Software used: Metashape (Agisoft), CivettaUtility (Weiss AG) Creating point clouds, textured … Read More

3d scan of a tunnel point cloud

Use 3D Scanners and VAM2 in Tunnel-Related Projects

A Case Study Tunnel Monitoring and Measurement With the increasing number of tunnels built around the world, the monitoring, detection, maintenance and renovation of these tunnels are increasingly important. Tunnel projects are typically huge investments. They often have a long … Read More

10 Questions related to Agisoft 1.7 updates [Using Spherical Panoramas /equirectangular images as an input for 3D reconstruction]

1. Does Agisoft support panorama images as an input to produce 3D point clouds? Yes, of course! Agisoft Metashape/PhotoScan is the only professional 3D processing software that supports panorama as an input source. Surprising or not, Agisoft’s software application was initially developed … Read More

hdri comparison stone

Everything you need to know about an HDR panorama image

What is HDRi?   HDRi stands for High Dynamic Range imaging; it is a technique used to reproduce a greater range of luminosity than standard digital images. In other words, when we said the Civetta is an HDRi camera, it means the photos … Read More