VAM2 supported file-formats

VAM2 supports all file-types for uploading without restrictions.

Adding descriptions, tags, geographic information etc. in VAM2 does not change the original file.

The original files are always stored untouched and can be downloaded 100% identical with the original.

In addition VAM2 creates special load on demand file types for fast in-browser displaywithout having to install any other software player or viewer.The following formats are directly supported.

If you can´t find an important format in the list let us know, -we might provide and integrate an appropriate converter:

.aac. ac3 .adts .afc .aif .aifc .aiff .amr .au
.latm .lbc .loas
.m2a .m3u .mka .mp2 .mp3 .mpa
.oga .ogg  .ogv .oma .opus
.ram .rco .rm .rmi
.snd .spx
.wav .wv

.cgm. csv .doc
.docx .dotx
.jtd .jtt
.odm .odt .oth .ott
.pdf .pps .ppsx .ppt .pptx .pxl
.sda .sdc .sdd .sdp .sdw .sgl .slk .stw .sxg .sxw
.uof .uot
.wk1 .wks .wpd .wps
.xls .xlsx .xlw .xml
.bay .bmp .bmq .bw
.cap .cine .cr2 .crw .cs1 .cut
.dc .dc2 .dcr .dds .dng .drf .dsc
.g3 .gif
.hdp .hdr
.ia .ico .iff .iiq .ilbm
.j2c .j2k .jif .jng .jp2 .jpe .jpeg .jpg .jxr
.k25 .kc2 .koa
.mdc .mef .mng .mos .mrw
.nef .nrw
.pbm .pcd .pct .pcx .pef .pfm .pgm .pic .pict .png .ppm .psd .ptx .pxn
.raf .ras .raw .rdc .rgb .rgba .rw2 .rwl .rwz
.sgi .sr2 .srf .srw .sti
.targa .tga .tif .tiff
.wap .wbm .wbmp .wdp .webp
.xbm .xpm

upon request

IP-video links
.obj [ in a .zip file together with .mtl and texture files as .jpg or .tiff ]

.las .laz



.asf .avi
.f4v .flv
.h261 .h263
.m1v .m2t .m2ts .m4a .m4v .mjpeg .mjpg .mk3d .mks .mkv .mp4 .mpeg .mpg .mts
.ra .rm
.webm .wma .wmv