Agisoft Metashape

We offer sales, consulting and training for Agisoft LLC since 2012.




At Weiss AG we constantly monitor the market for 3D reconstruction technologies, trends and new releases. This also requires to test different software products on the quickly evolving 3D market.


In 2012 we started a co-operated with Agisoft with the attempt to do 3D reconstruction from the 360° images delivered from our Civetta 360° camera.



To our knowledge Agisoft provided the first commercial software using a camera and lens model that could adopt the reconstruction from 360° on the go.

Still until now the Agisoft products are our first choice and Weiss AG is proud to be a reseller providing both bundles of the hardware manufactured by Weiss AG + Metashape with special templates and workflows, as well as software licenses on the small or large scale.

Since then Weiss AG is one of the top reseller for Agisoft products in Germany. If you are looking for special applications, modifications and training for Agisoft Metashape as standalone or multi server setup, we are the right people to talk to.


All reconstructions you find on our websites and were created using Agisoft software and Weiss AG hardware and software tools.

For further information and inquiries please contact us at

Enhance your Metashape results


You created your excellent results like 3D models, 3D pointclouds or Orthophotos and now comes the question of how to share manage and deliver these results with your colleagues partners and clients or even the whole internet society.

VAM2 the Visual Asset Management Database application can help you doing this as it allows to display these results via a standard web-browser on all devices and all platforms. Due to the load-on-demand technology distribution is fast also over slow networks and due to plugin-in free distribution acsessable with no conflicts.


Enhance your Metashape results by utilizing our easy web-based application to create stunning multimedia projects to be distributed via browser.


VAM2 enables you to link your

– 3D models –

– 3D point clouds

– orthophotos

– 360 images


– videos

– documents

-simply every digital file format


to any other type of assets via drag and drop. 


You can also take measurements, adjust the visual appearance, label, sort, or geo-reference all your digital assets even to live cameras, sensors, or 3rd party applications.

All you need is a web browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone to create, share and deliver stunning multimedia projects your customers will love.


See some examples with Metashape 3D and orthophoto results here.





VAM2 can be self-hosted or used in our SaaS (Software as a Service) offering. 


As a user of Metashape we offer extra discounted bundles. Please contact us for details.



Check out the application section on the Agisoft Website where you can find the case study below.