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The aircraft manufacture, passenger airline and airport has been using Weiss AG’s solution to digitally and accurately record their aircraft, components or physical building spaces. Civetta is used for fast capture 360×180° scene for the interior and external aeroplanes and airport space. Its high precision enables engineers to see each component/button clearly via the VAM2.


The Civetta is used to capture both the interior and exterior of the aircraft or airport. It charges the passenger cabin, fuselage, cockpit, and more. The Civetta is also used to produce digital twins for all facility spaces for the airport. The specific part of the aircraft, including engine, tail, propeller, landing gear or other particular areas, can also be captured and digitalised in 2D/3D format with the I-Detic. Staffs in the airline company or airport can capture digital data periodically by themselves right after simple training.




Here are some of the assets that might be collected to create a digital twin for aviation:

360 HDR panorama image(JPG & EXR), with measurement data
Workflow design for maintenance
检查计划和平面图(CAD, BIM)
Airport passenger traffic analysis
Engineer portfolios
Aircraft and airline company’s database/portfolio



  • 2D/3D airport virtual tour of the airport or landing space for training or marketing purposes.
  • 2D/3D aircraft virtual tour for emergency response or general training purposes.
  • 2D/3D aircraft virtual tour for pilot training school or agency.
  • Smart airport asset management to optimise operational efficiency and capital expenditure; increase customer experience and airport revenue.
  • Digital twins to achieve airport and airline resilience, including better resource allocation and risk prediction, deal with rapid growth passengers or critical events (such as the pandemic).
  • Remote resource management for thousands of aircraft any time, anywhere. Digitalised record of the plane in both the machinery and passenger area for greater transparency.
  • Virtual maintenance support for aircraft/airline, better communication via sharing a URL of the VAM2. Support remote decision making and remote support from the central office to the on-site engineer team.
  • Visual report for aircraft issues updates in the headquarter.
  • Workflow optimisation based on all visual assets presented by different teams.


  • Norwegian use the Civetta to develop First Aid training course and emergency response courses for their crews.

  • Telesys-CAE uses the Civetta and VAM2 to perform preflight Inspection, and aircraft maintenance inspection(3D)

  • Cockpit uses the Civetta to develop virtual procedure training.


  • Norwegian
  • Ryanair
  • Novair
  • CAE (Civil Aviation Maintenance partner who supports 3500+ airlines)
  • Telesys
  • Air Berlin
  • Air Canada
  • SAS
  • Tui
  • Boeing