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School, university and public sectors applying photogrammetry to create both the 2D/3D digital twins of their physical facilities to support the decision making of safety inspection, emergency response, and virtual management. Digital twins of public facilities remain a core and reliable reference for police and fire stations during emergency or adverse events.

Creating a virtual, living digital portfolio for school and university also unleashed a greater potential for virtual learning, virtual conference, virtual training or even virtual community. Once a virtual format of the school or university was created, people can also quickly move beyond the idea of virtual reality to mixed reality and augmented reality —- in which all of these has been applied in education to a certain extent even before the pandemic.


The Civetta is used to capture 360×180° HDR panorama images for indoor and outdoor areas, perfectly suitable for digitally replicating classrooms, hallway, physical buildings, and outdoor scenes. The VR tour and 3D models captured by the Civetta, including geographical location and measurement data, are essentials metadata for developing the digital twin portfolios. The I-Detics photogrammetry camera is used to develop a customised digital capture system for documents and historic files of the public sectors.


All data captured can be stored and managed in the Visual Asset Management System VAM2. The system combines complex measuring techniques and advanced data processing with a user-friendly interface and various options for individual system customisation. The result is a highly flexible, high-performance system delivering easily understood condition information straight to the user. Along with the image and 3D models captured in the field, other digital assets are collectively managed in the Visual Asset Management System VAM2 provided by Weiss AG.

A comprehensive digital twin of the school, university or public facilities can be produced via the VAM2. A multidisciplinary group can work collaboratively to support the development and use of digital files. 2D/3D data of the institution can be captured over time for comparison, analysis and evaluation purposes.

Here are some of the assets that might be collected to create a digital twin for the platform.

DAMAGE OR Safety Evaluation Report and records
检查计划和平面图(CAD, BIM)
Emergency response plan
Drone-fly through videos and images



  • Provide a VR tour of the school for visitor exploration, student/parents virtual visit.

  • Provide a VR tour for the institution, police and fire station to create an emergency response plan

  • Provide 2D/3D documentation for virtual maintenance and Inspection for different campus(facility) in various locations

  • Provide reliable and straightforward reference to support better information exchange and communication

  • Imply 2D/3D digital twins as the realistic virtual background for virtual reality and mixed reality in e-training/e-learning

  • Support better resource allocation and transparency in a hierarchy management structure

  • Create a virtual record for reference in insurance and intellectual property management


  • Enable a dynamic record of the school/university’s history that goes beyond the building’s appearances and geographical location and the building’s measurement data, related documents, supportive sources, and else more.

  • 为即将到来的学生和家长提供更好的营销和故事体验,特别是在/后科维德时代。

  • 更好地管理其实物资产。

  • 为学生和教职工创造一个虚拟的参与空间。

  • Enable digital planning, maintenance and safety Inspection.

  • 采用新技术的学校/大学文化的先进性和前沿性。

Civetta E-Series 230 MP 360° restaurant castle image

Examples and case studies (VAM2)

  • ABC7 News: Anaheim high school unveils new technology designed to help first-responders

  • Huffington Post: California School First In The Nation To Be Digitally Mapped For First Responders

  • NBC Los Angeles: After School Shootings, OC School Installs Digital Maps for Student Safety

  • ABC News: US schools implement new safety measures in the wake of recent mass shootings

  • Emergency Management: Immersive Digital Mapping Service Gives First Responders Unique Visuals and Information