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About Sector

Weiss AG has many years of experience in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Shell US has approached Weiss AG to develop Visual Asset Management application and 360 photogrammetry hardware solutions ever since 2011.

Data Collection

Offshore engineers and staff can directly use Weiss AG’s hardware to capture images and 3D models, with a minimum of training. With a combination of Civetta and I-Detic, high precision HDR panorama images are scanned to create a 360° VR tour for maintenance and inspection purposes. Coloured, textured 3D point cloud and mesh models are made based on the images captured prior. Therefore both the panorama images and 3D models have accurate measurement data contained. Shell has also tested its accuracy and reliability while comparing it with other laser scanners available in the market.

Data Management

The system combines complex measuring techniques and advanced data processing with a user-friendly interface and various individual system usage options. The result is a highly flexible, high-performance system delivering easily understood condition information straight to the user. Along with the image and 3D models captured in the field, other digital assets are collectively managed in the Visual Asset Management System VAM2 provided by Weiss AG.


 Here are some of the assets that might be collected to create a digital twin for the offshore platform.

3D point clouds and mesh model, with measurement data
360 HDR panorama image(JPG), with measurement data
Other high-resolution images of the scene and objects
Safety Evaluation Report and records
Inspection plan and floor plan(CAD, BIM)
Standardised videos and 360° videos
other office documents or media
digitalised and scanned files



  • 2D 360 x 180° visual tour

  • 3D visual tour via point cloud or mesh

  • Digital twins records, resource management

  • Visual Inspection (add comments, notes, HDR image filter and surface analysis)

  • Visual maintenance (with label and URLs for sharing)

  • Physical measurements ( high accuracy, compatible with laser or any other methods)

  • Communication and file transfer (offshore/onshore)

  • Annual analysis and evaluation (VAM2 portfolio as zipped file or URL webpage)

Examples and case studies

  • Shell’s Enchilada offshore platform using Civetta to achieve visual assessment for engineering design project planning, operations, safety review, visual references and visual assessment.

  • Shell Malaysia using Civetta to capture 360° virtual tour for offshore platform design and deployment.

  • Seawell uses 360° Digital Twin as a visualization tool to let the engineering organisation in Houston carry out work for the Norwegian organisation for North Sea Installations.

  • Aker Solution reported they saved 10% planning time on the Statoil Oseberg B 20230 rig upgrade by using the Civetta 360° Digital Twins.

Weiss AG Civetta 360° Camera Oil Rig
Weiss AG Civetta 360° Camera photogrammetry

Some of the previous clients

  • Shell (including USA, UK, Malaysia, India, Poland, Norway)
  • BP
  • Equinor
  • Seawell
  • Aker Solutions
  • Dolphin Drilling
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Seadrill
  • APIteq
  • Fugro
  • Infotrac Engineering

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