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VAM2share is the file sharing platform for all Weiss AG customers and partners.

In addition our sales partners get instant access to download all our latest sales and marketing materials.

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What is VAM2Share?

What is it for?

VAM2share provides access to all recent marketing assets
by Weiss AG. Everything a reseller or distributor needs to design flyers, banners, websites etc.

What else…

You can upload all the things you would like to share with us in VAM2share. That makes Emails and filesharing services obsolete and we can address problems quicker since we are notified immediately.


Your account allows you to access content which is provided for public purposes but also confidential content only to be used by yourself. Needless to say, do not share your login information with anyone else.

How to gain access

Once you upload content to your private exchange account the support team of Weiss AG is being informed automatically and we will act as soon as possible.

Forgot your login details

If you have forgotten your login details to VAM2share leave us a message and we will try to help you out.

Please provide the company you are working for.

None business Email adresses will not be processed.

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