I-Detic | Handheld Plug & Play for high resolution images and point clouds

I-Detic | Plug & Play

The I-Detic is a portable Plug and Play industrial 3D scanner designed to capture areas, objects and scenes.
To achieve high resolution and high quality full color 3D point clouds, 3D models and orthophotos suitable for indoor and outdoor operation.
The I-Detic is designed for easy use. It is portable and can be operated by a single person.

3D Models

Color textured 3D models of large and small stationary objects.

Color orthophotos

Color orthophotos from structures or paintings on walls, facades or wall engravings.

3D point clouds - interior

3D pointclouds of detailed and complex interior areas.

3D point clouds - exterior

3D pointclouds of buildings or construction sites.

I-Detic | Technical specifications

Sensor size
23.6 x 15.8mm (Crop 1.5)
Data storageInternal storage 256 GB
Power supplyCentral wide area power input 9 to 30 V, DC 2A
File format16 bit TIFF
8 bit JPG
Resolution2 x 24 MPixel
Optics21 mm prime lens with high precision calibration
Depth of field / Focus rangeMinimum distance to next surface is 600mm until infinity
ConnectorsIP57 connectors for power supply, USB, flash and trigger
Remote control Radio remote control up to 30m
Remote cableCable connector with 3.5mm jack
Flash control Radio remote controlled automated external flash synchronisation via flash hot shoe for third-party devices
Studio power supply100 - 240 V AC input
12 V DC, 2 A output
Stereo base disctance200mm distance and 3-axis orientation calibrated
CaseWaterproof polypropylene case with customized foam inlay
I-Detic DimensionsHeight: 90mm
Width: 450mm
Depth: 155mm
Case dimensionsHeight: 220mm
Width: 570mm
Depth: 410mm
Packaging dimensionHeight: 230mm
Width: 580mm
Depth: 420mm
Download software +
Pre-processing software
Automated image downloading, sorting and renaming +
Image optimization & correction for 16 bit TIFF or 8 bit JPG
Stereo pair export formatsJPG, TIFF
Orthophoto export formatsJPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP
3D model export formatsobj, 3ds, ply, stl, dxf, fbx, wrl, kmz, pdf
3D point-cloud export formatsobj, ply, xyz, las, laz dxf, e57, pdf

Space | 256 GB storage

The internal storage of the I-Detic is suitable for more than a full day of work before it has to be connected to a computer for downloading images and processing.

Box | Scope of supply

- Scanner with quick release tripod adapter - Ball head 3/8 inch connector - Water tight carrying case with customized foam inlay - 5 extensions carbon monopod - Studio power supply / charger 12 V DC - Battery pack (NiMh 12 V, 2000 mA) - NiMH battery conformity - Connection cables (male and female) - USB 2.0 download cable USB-A - Remote capture control - Remote flash control receiver plus adapter - Lens pen - Cam settings tool (in lid behind foam inlay) - USB stick with software and documentation: - Operation manual as PDF-file - Download and image sorting software - Image pre-processing software - 3D model viewer - Certificate of conformity

Power | NiMh 12 V, 2000 mA

Variable and robust power supply input between 9 and 30 V
Be independent on special batteries.

Portable | Lightweight

The I-Detic was designed to capture complex environments quickly by a single person. Capture large industrial sites and complex machinery in no time.

I-detic handheld 3D scanner Plug & Play

Check out this 300 DPI Mural retrieved from a 3D point cloud
scanned by the I-Detic

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