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Discover the best browser based Visual Asset Management Solution

Upload all your files

Not just images

Pointclouds, Spherical Images, 360° Video, 3D Models and more.

Countless formats

With over 200 supported file-formats, VAM2 covers all your needs.

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Automagical conversion

All files are automatically converted to streamable formats.

Works in browser

No need to install any software or plugins. A modern browser is all you need.

Link & Organize

Visual linking

You can link all of files directly and visualy one to another in VAM2.

Intuitive User Interface

Simply drag & drop your files to create exactly the structure you want.

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2D & 3D Maps

Create overviews for your complex projects. Even a pointcloud can be a map!

In-depth structuring

Keywords, ID-referencing, GPS-tagging, VAM2 has the tools to keep your assets organized.

View your assets

Display on all devices

Our viewer technologies work on every device with a modern browser.

Streamable content

No need to download gigabytes of data, our streamable formats allow you to view what you need right now.

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Web publishing

VAM2 can incrementally upload your projects to your web server without slowing the upload too much.

Offline presentations

Download your projects for offline usage.

We protect your data like it's our own.

Cloud Service

Your assets are valuable to you and we are very aware of this. We do whatever is necessary to protect them.

Secure from anywhere, anytime you want.

No matter where you are. You have always access to your assets and the ability to save them from everywhere.

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You put the trust in us and we make sure it's justified. Your privacy is the most important thing to us.

In-depth structuring

All hosting and storage is 100% aligned with the restrictive EU data protection laws.

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VAM2 harzthalerhof thumbnail
Old farmhouse from the 18th century documented and presented for restoration.
VAM2 feautres temple thumbnail
3D models, Pointclouds, CAD plans and original old Buddhist paintings in high resolution.
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VAM2 example gas and oil
Oil and Gas - Explore an onshore Oil platform
VAM2 crime scene mockup
360° Civetta images were used to create a detailed 3D pointcloud of a staged crimescene.

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