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Maximize the potential of your digitalized assets.

With the 3D photogrammetry camera provided by Weiss AG, you will be able to capture high-quality, accurate HDR images, colored point clouds and mesh models.
Thus, you can combine all types of digital assets visually on the Visual Asset Management System VAM2 to create your own digital twins.


3D photogrammetry & HDR images

Capturing Solution

Civetta enables fast automatic capturing of 230 megapixels HDR panorama image for your scene.

Proven quality
Simple clicks
Reliable result

Weiss AG develops simple, high-quality professional solutions for images capturing and 3D reconstruction. Its photogrammetry camera is suitable for people across many different industries.

Standalone capturing camera for 3D RGB point cloud and mesh reconstruction, with minimum or no prior training required.

Civetta can produce both 360 x 180° VR tour and 3D models for your reality capture and digital twins productions.


Digital Twins

This IP 68 protected model is suitable for indoor and outdoor scenes and harsh environments to achieve high resolution and high quality full-colour 3D point clouds, 3D models and orthophotos.

Produce your digital twins in any circumstances, including extreme environments. 

The I-Detic is a high-resolution 3D scanner in a plug and play solution. This industrial grade scanner is designed to capture areas, objects and scenes in a handheld, tripod-based or robot-based operation. 


Photometric 3D station

Perfect solution for institutions or entities with no prior training in 3D reconstruction.

Automatic capturing of all type of objects within 90 seconds.

The megascope is the latest version of an automated photometric 3D capturing station for all kind of 3D objects. By applying a combination of capturing processes high-res 3D models of objects with the closed texture of all sides are created.

With <= +-2mm accuracy and 192 viewing positions at all angle. 

Visualise & Manage

All digital assets at your fingertips

VAM2 | Visual Asset Management in your browser

Display on all devices

Our viewer technologies work on every device with a modern browser.

Streamable content

No need to download huge amounts of data, our streamable formats allow you to view what you need right now.

Countless formats

With over 200 supported file-formats, VAM2 covers all your needs.

Visual asset management VAM2 point cloud
VAM2 iMac scrime scene mockup

2D & 3D Maps

Create overviews for your complex projects. Even a point cloud can be a map!

360° photogrammetry

Take precise measurements in spherical images and point clouds directly in VAM2.

Web publishing

VAM2 can incrementally upload your projects to your web server without slowing the upload too much.

Core Benefits

Produce Digital Twins

Capture 2D and 3D virtual representation of your facility and system, enable learning, reasoning and dynamically re-calibrating for improved decision making.

Effective & Efficient Communication

All stakeholders can access to participate to all types of assets in your digital twins portfolio, while enabling a single source of truth.

Project Progress in Control

Keep track of project progress virtually any time, any where with any devices with web-browser. Clearly visualise files and the relationships between files that were uploaded by different users to the system.

Better Resource Allocation

Direct management of user authorities on digital file and project. Enable standalone local or online cloud access to project resources. Benefit from unlimited file type, file size and number of file on your project.

Repair & Maintenance

Accurate and precise documentation of your physical facilities without missing a single detail. Direct measurements, geographical references and URL hotspots tagging provide better inspection analysis and maintenance work.

Virtual Education & Training

Direct online and offline access of high precision 360 x 180° HDR VR tour and 3D RGB models for education, training and entertainment purposes. Captured sources can be used for VR, MR and CGI.

At Weiss AG we constantly monitor the market for 3D reconstruction technologies, trends and new releases. This also requires to test different software products on the quickly evolving 3D market.


In 2012 we started a co-operated with Agisoft with the attempt to do 3D reconstruction from the 360° images delivered from our Civetta 360° camera.


To our knowledge Agisoft provided the first commercial software using a camera and lens model that could adopt the reconstruction from 360° on the go.

Still until now the Agisoft products are our first choice and Weiss AG is proud to be a reseller providing both bundles of the hardware manufactured by Weiss AG + Metashape with special templates and workflows, as well as software licenses on the small or large scale.


All reconstructions you find on our websites www.weiss-ag.com and www.vam2.com were created using Agisoft software and Weiss AG hardware and software tools.

For further information and inquiries please contact us at sales@weiss-ag.com

Contact a Weiss AG specialist today to try it out in your industry.​

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