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VAM2 | All features of our Visual Asset Management Software

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VAM2 | Features

What is a visual asset mangement software?

More intuitive, more intelligent, ultra flexible – VAM2 is a fresh concept which avoids complexity. Our Visual Asset Management application provides a platform for small project teams, Fortune 500 companies or for single users, where you can upload, download, link, tag, search and share all digital files more easily than you have ever done before. The perfect tool for maintenance procedures in facility management, UAV data sharing, construction site and cultural heritage documentation, safety and security planning, crime scene documentation and many others. This is why we have clients from Fortune 500 companies, government institutions or just one-man businesses that boost their effectivity and workflow drastically with VAM2. Developed for Shell USA as a tool for fast and efficient documentation, visualization and multimedia data sharing. Our team of skilled software developers integrate new functionalities and features making VAM2 the #1 Visual Asset Management solution on the market.


VAM2 is straightforward to use, you will feel like a pro within minutes and discover tools that allow you to tailor the way you work and finish tasks in a fraction of the time. Intuitive touchscreen functions make it a delight to work with VAM2 on mobile devices.

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Installation free - login via browser

To access your VAM2 instance, you need a device running a browser, a user-name and password to log in - that's it. VAM2 supports Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. We can support additional browser on demand.

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Multi device operation

The architecture of VAM2 runs on any device that runs a supported browser. Therefore, you can access via smartphone, tablet, iPad, PC or Mac even from Linux or Unix machines without limitations.

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One place to work with all your file types

VAM2 is more than just a regular DAM system. With VAM2 you can place visual links (hotspots) from everything to everything for most easy visual navigation through your assets. See what is connected where it is located and check the status. In addition, VAM2 also offers geo-referencing for every asset type. In other words, you can upload all file formats and enjoy the super fast in-browser display for over 200 of the most common file types. In conclusion, this eliminates the need for heavyweight and expensive studio software. Simply upload, watch, listen and import them to your projects.

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Documents and presentations

Store and organize all your document files like PDF, PowerPoint etc. have you ever encountered the situation that someone sent you an excel sheet file and you could not open it because you did not have the same version? This will never happen again. VAM2 supports more than 60 different document file formats in different versions displayed on any device in the browser without the need to install 3rd party software. That makes VAM2 the perfect central storage space. Search, tag, and share your documents and presentations and enjoy the convenience of working in one place.

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Easily handle video and audio files

Eliminate the need for heavyweight studio software. VAM2 makes quick work of managing video and audio files even 360° video and latest 4K 60 FPS formats. Upload, watch and listen – then publish or export.

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360° Photogrammetry

Take precise measurements in full spherical 360° measurement pairs. If your are looking for the perfect device that goes hand in hand with VAM2, our Civetta 360° camera is the perfect tool for 360° photogrammetry.

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Find content with the intelligent multilingual search function. Type and filter by keywords, tags, descriptions, dates, geo-references and more.

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3D point clouds & 3D models

Visualize point clouds of nearly unlimited size and take precise measurements in 3D space. Adjust the opacity, pointsize and number of displayed points to your need.

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Virtual Reality support

Explore 360° videos, spherical images and 3D point clouds in an audiovisual augmented environment just as in real life.

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Built for speed

VAM2 comes with a beautiful, modern and user-friendly interface including drag-and-drop options and iOS optimizations. Common tasks like uploading, batch editing and downloading files with the click of a button. Through using adaptive data streaming technologies, VAM2 assures the best performance and quality on all bandwidths and devices. As a result, you can access a 20GB point cloud even on your mobile phone within a second.

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Your privacy and the safety of your data has the highest priority for us. Therefore, all hosting and storage is 100% aligned with the restrictive EU data protection laws. Your data is yours. We will not touch it, give it to others or even have a look at it unless you ask us to. No hidden traps or backdoors that others can exploit once you uploaded your files are to VAM2. We do not and will never claim any ownership of your data. Last but not least, all connections are SSL encrypted.

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Data Recovery

When a user deletes assets, they are not erased from the storage but only made invisible. In result you can recover every single asset that was deleted. One of the design rules for VAM2 is that all uploaded data remains untouched in the original state and is available for download. You will have access to your assets forever until you pull the plug.

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Centralized, secure and affordable

Storage how you want it. Flexible, unlimited and scalable. Host your projects on your own machine or network, in a public cloud or leave it to Mister Spock our Software as a Service platform. VAM2 is permanently updated to the latest encryption technologies and relies on a modern, robust architecture. VAM2 has proofed its performance and reliability in heavy stress tests in the field for many years.

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Publish projects

VAM2 offers 3 different ways to deliver your data controlled by an easy and intuitive user-interface.   1. Publish to a web server. Providing all the viewing and sharing capabilities for an unlimited amount of users and it requires no license to view. 2. With restricted internet access, the projects can be published for display on a local device running from the storage device and providing the same interactivity as in the web-version. 3. Export and import function to transfer projects including original functionalities and settings from one server to another. This is common when working in the field on a Notebook and transferring the projects to the central server once the fieldwork is done.

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Direct access without license fees

People often ask: Why do I need a license to view a project? - well you don't. Whenever you publish a project from the VAM2 database to an external storage device or a website, you can give access to as many users as you want. These users will not need a license, all they need is a device with a browser and the access details. The users can then search and view assets, take measurements, share links or download data. This means all operations that do not require access to the database application.

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Multi language support

VAM2 allows switching between 5 languages for the user interface. In result, international teams can work on the same project at the same time using their preferred user interface language. English - Chinese - Spanish - French - Arabic

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is a powerful toolkit supporting the network administrator and can be installed separately from VAM2. It offers an easy to manage automated incremental backup function and streamlines the export and re-import process of database extracts. The configurable automated warning system instantly sends out an E-mail to assigned personal and self performs certain actions in case if inconsistencies like server shutdown, loss of network connection, or disk space running low.

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VAM2 keeps track of all major operations and performs precise search queries. Specify the projects, users, time-span and the actions to receive a detailed audit list.

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Visualize and analyze your system usage on a simple and intuitive dashboard to get a clear overview of your asset management storage, file types, user activity, top projects, top downloads, countries by user and many more.

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VAM2 | Powerful user right management

To make sure everybody can only see and do what they are supposed to, VAM2 is equipped with a user rights management system. It allows defining which user has access to see which projects with specific editing rights. This can be as fine grained as blocking a single object in a specific project for a certain user or for pre-defined user groups.

If your infrastructure is operating Single Sign-on (SSo) and authentication infrastructures like SAML, OAuth and alike the integration of VAM2 as a browser-based application is simple. Once set up, you can manage the user rights from your main infrastructure.

Independent of a stand-alone, client-server or cloud setup, the rights of the 3 different license types remain the same.

 Viewer LicenseEditor LicenseAdministrator License
Manage licenses
Manage users & rights
Manage projects
Upload content
Edit content
Tag assets
Delete assets
Link assets
Manage user access
Publish projects
View unpublished content
Create annotations
Take measurements
Create deep-links
Take screenshots

VAM2 | License comparison

 SaaSPrivate Cloud
Hybrid CloudOn Premise
DescriptionWeb browser Login to a server-farm located in Germany pre-installed and administrated by Weiss AGInstalled on a dedicated server located in Germany pre-installed and administrated by Weiss AGCloud installation - Azure, Aliyun, Amazon, Google administrated by end-customer or by Weiss AGInstalled on end-customers own infrastructure setup and administrated by end-customer.
Security 256-bit SSL Encryption256-bit SSL EncryptionIndividual configurationIndividual configuration
360° Videos
3D Models
Point clouds
Link IP Cameras
User Access
User Rights Management
Simultaneous users 150+1000+10.000+
Read-only user accounts
Admin user accounts
Individual Project Publishing
Incremental Web Publishing
Standalone Offline Publishing
Project Import / Export
Database Import / Export
Support & Training
Support Ticket Access
Online Documentation
Single User Webinar
Multi User Webinar
On-site Support
On-site training
Subscription Models Monthly / Annually
Direct purchase or flatrate per yearDirect purchase or flatrate per yearDirect purchase or flatrate per year

VAM2 | Service and Support level

Max. number of users 1 - 201 - 501 - unlimited
Web support ticket system 365/24/7 standardprioritypriority
Support hotline 365/24/7 prioritypriority
Free webinarsSeparate booking2 per year4 per year
Training for customer helpdesk At client's locationAt client's location
Response Times
Priority 130 min30 min10 min
Priority 21 hour1 hour30 min
Priority 33 hour3 hours1 hour
Priority 424 hours10 hrours2 hours
Unlimited updates
Guided update support
Updates provisiondownloaddownload & physicaldownload & physical

VAM2 | Supported file formats

VAM2 supports all file-types for uploading without restrictions.
Adding descriptions, tags, geographic information etc. VAM2 does not change the original file.
The original files are stored untouched and can be downloaded 100% identical to the original. In addition, VAM2 creates special load on demand file types for fast in-browser display without having to install any other software player or viewer. It directly support the following formats. If you can not find an important format in the list let us know, -we might provide and integrate an appropriate converter.

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