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Applying the 3D photogrammetry method in law enforcement can retrieve rich details and comprehensive digital twins that can be used for the police station, fire station and the courtroom. Texture, colour and other texture details are captured directly, while it cannot be done with a laser scan. Both 2D/3D data are easy to view and understand by all officers with different professions. Both the hardware and software provided by Weiss AG has already been used by many police stations and fire stations in the world. Its accuracy, operability and security make it one of the best solutions in law enforcement. The VAM2 has been used for presentation in the court and a visual database for previous crime scene record and case-study training. The Civetta can quickly capture HDR panorama and 3D reconstruction data, given 40 seconds of automatic capturing time per panorama.

Data Collection

Civetta can operate with a laser scanner for clients with further need. All Weiss AG’s photogrammetry hardware can also produce high-quality 2D/3D data alone. A complete photogrammetric survey can be done for the building or a specific part of the equipment with no physical contact. All hardware provided by Weiss AG enables distance operation via Bluetooth, which reduce the exposure time to high radiation for staffs and enables data to be collected in inaccessible areas.

The Civetta in particular have the power to bring a crime scene into the courtroom through photorealistic 3D models using methodical, scientific approaches. They allow analysts to collect precise dimensions, evidence and features to be recorded for later analysis. By capturing large amounts of data quickly, Civetta enables investigators to create a complete 360-degree image of a scene in a matter of seconds.


The VR panorama images(with measurement data) captured by the Civetta are included and presented in the Visual Asset Management VAM2 system, and thus, the entire VAM2 portfolio are frequently used in the courtroom. Juries can be taken into a three-dimensional world that’s more readily understandable than simple pictures and verbal scene descriptions. Terrestrial scanning is increasingly being adopted in forensics departments for crime scene investigation and evidence collection.

Data Management

The system combines complex measuring techniques and advanced data processing with a user-friendly interface and various individual system usage options. The result is a highly flexible, high-performance system delivering easily understood condition information straight to the user. Along with the image and 3D models captured in the field, other digital assets are collectively managed in the Visual Asset Management System VAM2 provided by Weiss AG.


 Here are some of the assets that might be collected to create a digital twin for the offshore platform.

3D point clouds and mesh model, with measurement data
360 HDR panorama image(JPG), with measurement data
Other high-resolution images of the scene and objects
Scene evaluation report
participants' ID & Interviews
Blood test & reports
Standardised videos and 360° videos
other office documents or media
digitalised and scanned files
3D simulated model, animation or videos



  • 2D 360 x 180° visual tour of the crime scene/fire scene/ car accident

  • 3D visual tour via point cloud or mesh (Visualise radioactive substance in real space)

  • 3D models comparison to explore the effect of high radiation on physical components

  • Digital twins records, resource management

  • Keep track of project progress, such as detection and courtroom presentation.

  • Remote observation and discussion (reduce damage to the real scene)

  • Courtroom presentation with linkage to evidence and reports from different departments

  • Visual Inspection (add comments, notes, HDR image filter and surface analysis)

  • Physical measurements ( high accuracy, compatible with laser or any other methods)

  • Communication and file transfer (highly confidential)

  • Annual analysis and evaluation (VAM2 portfolio as zipped file or URL webpage)

Examples and case studies

  • FBI- As a threat-based and intelligence-driven national security organization, the attempt of the FBI is to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats.

  • ATF uses the Civetta 360° photogrammetry technology to document fires to take precise measurements to create 3D reconstructions and floor plans of crime scenes.
  • The rulers of the State of Qatar gave high priority for the mission of achieving public security and peace since the modern State of Qatar was established. The formation of police agency guaranteed maintenance of security, protection of lives and public and private properties as well.
  • The Shen Zhen Fire Station uses the Civetta and VAM2 to document fire scene for inspection, recording and courtroom presentation. 
VAM2 visual asset management crime scene

Some of the previous clients/users

  • FBI
  • ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
  • The Fiscalia General de la nacion en Columbia
  • The State of Qatar
  • The TÜV Rheinland Group
  • The Shen Zhen Fire Station

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