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Museums and galleries are commonly used both the hardware and software from Weiss AG to record existing exhibitions or physical spaces digitally, manage digital collections, produce virtual exhibition or tour, and further, using all of these digital resources to produce new contents and materials with other parties and contractors. The digitalisation process supports better resource management and project management for the art institution and unleashes new ways to exchange or share information via new media.

Data Collection

The Civetta is used to capture 360×180° HDR panorama images for indoor and outdoor areas, perfectly suitable for digitally replicating exhibition hall, large-scale artwork, physical buildings, and outdoor scenes. The VR tour and 3D models captured by the Civetta, including geographical location and measurement data, are essentials metadata for developing the digital twin portfolios. The I-Detics photogrammetry camera is used to create a customised digital capture system for artworks and collections.

Data Management

All data captured can be stored and managed in the Visual Asset Management System. The system combines complex measuring techniques and advanced data processing with a user-friendly interface and various options for individual system customisation. The result is a highly flexible, high-performance system delivering easily understood condition information straight to the user. Along with the image and 3D models captured in the field, other digital assets are collectively managed in the Visual Asset Management System VAM2 provided by Weiss AG.

A comprehensive digital twin of the cultural heritage can be produced via the VAM2. A multidisciplinary group can work collaboratively to support the development and use of digital heritage files. 2D/3D data of the heritage can be captured over time for comparison, analysis and evaluation purposes.

Here are some of the assets that might be collected to create a digital twin for the platform.

3D point clouds and mesh model, with measurement data
360 HDR panorama image(JPG), with measurement data
Other high-resolution images of the scene and objects
Artwork portfolio and artist portfolio
previous exhibitions and publications
Interview records/documentary
Standardised videos and 360° videos
other office documents or media
digitalised and scanned files
Emergency response plan



  • Digital collection management for museums and art galleries

  • Online curation and exhibition planning across different disciplinaries

  • Virtual reality museum tours

  • Virtual exhibitions based on real-360 VR contexts
    • Virtual exhibitions based on a 3D rendered environment

  • Virtual gaming and new media productions

  • Physical exhibition documentation and duplications

  • Museum and gallery exhibition portfolio documentation

  • Digital portfolio for associated artists and curators

Examples and case studies

  • The Palace Museum uses the Civetta to scan its historical sites and document them for management and restoration purposes.

  • The Palance Museum uses the I-Detic to capture 3D models of its collections and uses the VAM2 as a collection management system.

  • The National Museum of China uses I-Detic to capture 3D models of its collections.

  • The Guangdong Art Museum uses the VAM2 as an online curation management system.

  • The ZKM and other partners in the Beyond Matter EU project use the VAM2 as a communication and project management platforms to manage the digital twins of heritage, exhibition and artwork collections.

Some of the previous clients

  • ZKM (Beyond Matter EU)
  • Centre Pompidou(Beyond Matter EU)
  • Ludwig Museum (Beyond Matter EU)
  • Tallinn Art Hall (Beyond Matter EU)
  • Tirana Art Lab (Beyond Matter EU)
  • Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Beyond Matter EU)
  • The Palace Museum
  • National Museum of China
  • Guangdong Art Museum

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