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Single Element Logo

Company Identity​

It is of utmost importance to us that our brand is always represented and recognized with the same quality and devotion we put in developing our products; hence, we encourage everyone to use the provided guidlines and scalable logos on this page. Feel free to contact us for further advice on that matter.

All logos are available as .ai, .eps and .png packed in a small .zip file.

VAM2 Image Brochure

Weiss AG Logo dark

Weiss AG Logo white

Weiss AG Single Element dark

Weiss AG Single Element white

Civetta Logo

Civetta Logo with white outlines

I-Detic Logo dark

I-Detic Logo white

VAM2 Logo blue

Color palette

Open source software licenses and contracts

Weiss AG is a supporter of open source projects and developers. Some functionalities of VAM2 would not have been possible without open source contributions. You can download a list of all contributors.

Export Administration Regulations [EAR]

Cyber Security Assurance System

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