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About Weiss AG

Get to know the company behind all the fantastic products.

Who we are

Weiss is a German High-Tech company.

The founder team has been pioneering VAM technologies since 2003 and founded Weiss AG in 2008.

Our in-depth market knowledge and trust coupled with our flexibility, adaptability, and entrepreneurial spirit helps our clients maximize opportunities and master the challenge of managing, sharing, publishing, and finding digital assets without limitations.

What we do

Weiss AG’s business objectives are the development, manufacturing and distribution of professional 3D and 360° capturing hardware and software for image processing and Visual Asset Management.

Our first product, the Civetta, is a professional 360° photogrammetry camera and the 6th generation is still world leading in resolution, precision and speed.

The Megascops is a stationary 3D scanner designed for object scanning in museums.

One of our latest hardware projects is the I-Detic, a portable high resolution 3D scanner, used to capture 3D point clouds, orthophotos and more.

And with our latest Software as a Service offering for VAM2, clients can use our technologies virtually anytime from anywhere, with our basic design rule:
Making the complicated simple.

Company History

Weiss AG is a high-tech company with the legal form of a stock company founded on 07.07.2008 in Kaiserslautern Germany. 


Dr. Marcus Weiss, the founder and chairman of the management board studied mechanical and process engineering. In the year 2000 he finished his PhD with Grade 1 at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. He holds several patents and won 7 national and international prices for innovative developments.

In the course of the present day, Weiss AG has a network of sales and support partners in 20 countries world-wide supporting customers from Fortune 500 companies, large and small government institutions and 1 person enterprises.

I-Detic | 3D scanner
in two new versions: New lenses, sensor and carbon fiber housing design. Robust lightweight and IP57 protected the I-Detic high resolution 3D scanner for heavy inside and outside use. Now available in 2 different model lines. Model 21-IDO is perfect for the digitalisation of objects and high resolution flat scenes like wall paintings etc. focusing on a tripod based operation. Model 12-HH is perfect for the digitalisation of complex scenes like industrial sites, gas and oil platforms, cultural heritage areas and so on, focusing on a Hand Held or monopod operation.
10th Anniversary
On September 4th 2008 Google released the Chrome browser. The same day Weiss AG started business and did their first 3D capturing project in the middle of the Chinese desert.
VAM | Release 2.3.2
New viewer technologies New viewer technology for ultra smooth viewer operation also on touch devices and faster 360 photogrammetry measurements. Statistics and audit tool in VAM2TK The VAM2 toolkit now lets you monitor the actions usage of your VAM2 installation and visualise these results for easy interpretation.
Stereo-Civetta | Test run in Saudi Arabia
The original Civetta is fast. But working in sandy, dusty conditions with high temperatures puts people and hardware to test. Thats why we made it faster and more robust to withstand the harshest enviroments. To bring 360° photogrammetry to the next level, the prototype of a Stereo Civetta proofed to be about three times faster on location with a bonus on ease of operation and automated image pair sorting in VAM2. Stereo Civetta is ready for pre-orders.
VAM | Release 2.3.1
Incremental and automatically resuming uploads for more reliability in mobile or wireless environments and for very large files. Improved embedded webserver for faster standalone (offline) projects.
VAM | Release 2.3
All platforms and all devices, full touch support. VAM2 TK for automated backup.
VAM | Release 2.2
Completely new viewer technologies. No more Flash required, 360° video and more
VAM | Release 2.1
VAM2 now supports hotlinks in point clouds and 3D models.
Civetta | E-series

New version with 230 MPixel native resolution.

Civetta | AddOn
Full 32 bit image depth to capture images with unclipped sun.
VAM | Release 2.0
Integration of 3D model and point cloud viewer.
I-Detic | 3D Scanner
Handheld 3D video unit for fast documentation of large areas.
VAM | Official Release
First release of our Visual Asset Management database.
Civetta | D-series
Technical redesign, integrated GPS and digital compass.
Automated 3D reconstruction from full spherical images.
3D capturing machine for objects
Civetta | C-series
Redesign with integrated LED.
Civetta | B-series
Improved precision, resolution and dynamic range
Civetta | A-series
Automated 360° digital imaging
Company Founded

Setting up development and production

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