New features in VAM 2.3

VAM2 is under permanent development. To enable all our users to work with the latest technologie, we frequently provide updates and upgrades with major feature enhancements as well as brand new features.

VAM2 version 2.0 and further versions can expect a huge amount amount of new features, opening up brand new business models and applications.

HTML5 viewer​
With Version 2.3 we reprogrammed VAM to pure HTML5. That means that VAM2 now works properly on devices that did not support Flash like Apple© IPad, Iphone and others. The application now runs on every device that runs a browser be it PC´s, notebooks, tablets or phones.
Furthermore, abandoning Flash improved loading and operating speed and most importantly, VAM2 is no longer affected by Flash security issues. In addition, energy consumption is reduced by up to 75% which makes VAM2 on mobile devices much more efficient.
↳ Secure and faster operation on all devices
360° video viewer
The video viewer allows navigating in all directions while playing and even has stereo view support for VR like Occulus rift. Direct switch between 360° and flat display. Timeline with thumbnails to find the right position faster. Possibility to place hotspots in the video timeline, -link everything to everything.
↳ Ready for VR applications
Flat video viewer
The new flat video viewer allows the display of up to 4K 60 FPS videos and supports HDR video formats. It has an integrated timeline with thumbnails to find the right position faster. Possibility to place hotspots in the video timeline, -link everything to everything.
↳Prepared for the latest formats in highest resolution
Expert settings for viewer
The new viewer provides an expert mode as a drop-down menu, allowing to change all kinds of image representations like white balancing; manually or with a picker, manual color channel modification, inverting, contrast, brightness and saturation. These settings can also be predefined in the back-end and the asset will show up with the pre-defined settings, but can still be changed in the published tour window. So there is no need to manipulate the original, simply upload and change the look on the fly.
↳ No need to correct the original asset before uploading.
VAM2 Toolkit (VAM2TK)

The VAM2TK is a combination of tools for data import-export, backup and security notification settings. The VAM2TK comes in a separate installer as it can be set up by the network administrator, that does not necessarily have to be the VAM2 database administrator.
↳ One tool for secure and safe data handling and system monitoring

Incremental backup tool (VAM2 TK)

Define location, frequency and time for the automated incremental backup of the whole VAM2 database.
↳ Avoid data loss by automated and secure data backup

Sophisticated import export tool for single projects (VAM2 TK)
Export single projects from one database and import and import somewhere else with ease. You can also export projects to store them on a separate storage device. The VAM2 application itself does not have to be stopped.
The integrated test routine indicates if there were any errors in the copying process which you can fix or redo.
↳ Prevent data loss through easy and secure data exchange.
Auto notification tool (VAM2 TK)

Widely configurable notification tool. The storage space of a database shall never run full as this leads to data corruption. The auto notification tool allows to define at what remaining disc space an auto notification shall be sent via Email. In the second step you can define at what remaining disc space any further write processed shall be blocked.
↳ Automated monitoring with instant notification to react quickly and prevent data loss.

Hot-spot capability for 3D point clouds and 3D models
Allows the user to place an unlimited number of hot-spots and links in your 3D data. The distance control allows to display only those near to your viewing position. 3D point-clouds can also be used as maps, now.
↳ Opens up new business models.
VAM2 now supports 6 languages
People can work on the same project in different languages. Choose between Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish and Arabic.
↳ Get rid of language barriers in international teams.
Extended hot-spot editor
The hot-spot editor enables more settings with multi-setting and even defines how the linked asset shall be opened. For example, directly jump to the correct page in a user manual or report sheet.
↳ Much faster work with hotspot
Distance between spherical measurement pairs can be freely defined
When taking spherical images in an upper and lower position the default distance of 600 mm can now be adjusted freely.
↳ Photogrammetry can now also be provided for tiny spaces or with high tripod captures.
Improved co-working
When working in teams on the same project the display of upload and processing queues, remaining processing times, and connection speed are visible to all team members. The adjustable multi thread processing leads to serious processing speed enhancements.
↳ Improves the working speed and quality of your team
Pointclouds and documents can be used as maps
Now all assets except videos can be used as maps. For example, pdf´s of CAD drawings, 3D models and especially pointclouds can be used directly to navigate through your projects.
↳ 3D navigation to all your assets
Geo coordinates for all assets

It is now possible to add in Lat Long height coordinates in WSG84 format for all assets.
↳ Find assets by coordinates, sort assets in 3D space

Snapshot function for all viewer
Snapshots with all markers and measurements, including date, project name and asset name can be produced from any viewer window with one click, ready for email or upload.
↳ Share details with others at the click of a button