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How to use Agisoft to process single images from Civetta? (7 Steps)

The Civetta, 230 megapixels HDR panorama camera has always been a flagship product of Weiss AG. It is also commonly used by professionals from different industries to produce 2D/3D digital masters, including oil&gas, aviation, cultural heritage, law enforcement, public safety, … Read More

Five tips for 3D photogrammetry capturing in an extreme environment

It can be common for some surveying team to capture 3D photogrammetry data in an extreme environment. From the top of the snow mountain to the hot desert, from the underground heritage to offshore oil platforms, our technicians and partners … Read More

Reality Capturing for School and University [Digital Twins]

Due to the COVID-19 restriction, many education facilities have closed and moved the entire teaching and learning experience online. Yet, many schools and universities are finding new ways to help their students, staff, and visitors walk into their buildings or … Read More

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Civetta & Agisoft Metashape Application Note

Case study of using full spherical 360° images in Agisoft Metashape Author: Christiane Zhao, Marketing Specialist Organisations involved: Agisoft, Weiss AGHardware used: Civetta 360° (Weiss AG), Phantom 3 Professional (DJI)Software used: Metashape (Agisoft), CivettaUtility (Weiss AG) Creating point clouds, textured … Read More

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10 pieces of advice for social media marketing in 3D Tech Industries

Advice No.1 Showcase examples and case studies 3D models and illustrations are always attractive to people, no matter whether they work in the industry or not. Almost everyone acknowledges the importance of showcasing their successful examples to their audiences. For … Read More